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Urbex Abandoned Prison H15

Urbex Abandoned Prison H15

This abandoned prison is known in the urbex world as Prison H15. De complex exists out of 2 seperate buildings, one for each gender. The older building was a former monastery until it got converted to a prison in the 19th century. During the years the prison complex expanded to a capacity of 1500 inmates.¬† In 2011 the prison closed and got abandoned. It’s surprising to see how decayed the building already is after such short time. Whilst we were […]

Urbex Strobism

It’s been a while since my last urbex trip, so we started out with a revisit of a classic location in Belgium, an abandoned fortress / casern. We arrived late in the afternoon with only an hour daylight left. But who needs daylight when you’re used exploring underground quarries and taking pictures in the dark? The picture was illuminated using¬† 2 external strobes. The strobe that illuminates the foreground was fired 2 times on half power from both sides of […]

Ghost Bus Tunnel

Belgium has several large cities with abandoned metro tunnels that were never been used. This is one is 2.5 km long and is filled with numerous old buses and trams.  

Startrails at the abandoned Coal Mine

It’s been several months since I’ve photograph startrails and it was itching for a while to go outside when there was a clear night. Sadly there were always better reasons to stay inside.. Finally I had some time and could convince one of my friends to get out for some nocturnal photography. We drove to the coal mine of Heusden and decided for an industrial approach. This image is a manual blend of 100 seperate pictures at F5.6, Iso 800, […]

The Nazi Tunnel

During the second world war, the German army was very interested in the underground quarries in France and the Netherlands. Many quarries were mapped and rebuild as underground factories to build airplanes or as in this case, to create V2 missiles. This long tunnel was build within an enormous quarry and was construction to function as a train tunnel for transporting the V2 missiles that would be build and stored there. However before the Germans could finish this underground factory, […]

Centrale Thermique

Somewhere around 2008 I first attempted to visit this power plant. Back then, everything was still pretty good locked up and the only entrance point involved climbing up to the second level on an improvised ladder build out of scrap. As soon as I started climbing up, we heard some loud noises coming from the inside. We chickened out due the thought of getting confronted with some copper thieves whilst carrying several thousands of euro’s on gear with us and […]

Abandoned Cooling Tower

Whilst on a urbex-trip true France, suddenly I woke up in the car and noticed we were parked on an abandoned parking lot next to a large cooling tower, with a disappointing sunset behind it. The guy’s were drinking some coffee at the back of the car, whilst I tried to wake up. About 10 minutes later I found myself climbing on the side of the tower in order to get inside and quickly take some pictures before it would […]

Flooded underground quarry

Due a large amount of groundwater, this quarry has been flooded with very cold water. During a first visit we used some rubber boats to explore this part. At one of our next visits we brought some waders to take this picture. The camera was standing only a few cm above the water level, which was originally very clear. You could easily spot several Belemnite fossils on the ground. After we setup our camera’s, I started running around true the […]

Underground Mushroom Farm

During the 20th century many underground quarries were used as mushroom farms because the rent was very cheap and the climate was nearly perfect. But due new techniques nowadays there are only few underground mushroom farms left. This one is one of the very few remaining places in Belgium were mushrooms are cultivated underground. However it’s on a very small and non-commercial scale. The farmer, who is around his 70’s, has been cultivating mushrooms for decades. Although he’s retired he […]