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Tielt-Winge, Belgiƫ

Stars at the Vlooybergtoren

Yesterday it was a very clear night, so it was the ideal moment to shoot some startrails. The picture was made at the Vlooybergtoren in Tielt-Winge, Belgium. In the summer of 2013 I made a similar shot with the same composition, however it was full moon back then, resulting in only a few visible stars. This time it was extremely clear with many stars visible, even though there’s a fair amount of light pollution in the area. The startrail is […]

Startrails at the abandoned Coal Mine

It’s been several months since I’ve photograph startrails and it was itching for a while to go outside when there was a clear night. Sadly there were always better reasons to stay inside.. Finally I had some time and could convince one of my friends to get out for some nocturnal photography. We drove to the coal mine of Heusden and decided for an industrial approach. This image is a manual blend of 100 seperate pictures at F5.6, Iso 800, […]