Flooded underground quarry

Due a large amount of groundwater, this quarry has been flooded with very cold water. During a first visit we used some rubber boats to explore this part. At one of our next visits we brought some waders to take this picture. The camera was standing only a few cm above the water level, which was originally very clear. You could easily spot several Belemnite fossils on the ground. After we setup our camera’s, I started running around true the water with my external strobe whilst my mate stayed with the camera’s. It took only a few steps to make the ground invisible underneath the once crystal clear water. Because the ground was very uneven it took forever to reach the several lighting positions. In order to balance and check the depth before every step, I used a broomstick we brought from home. Eventually it cost me a little more then 15 minutes to complete the illuminations for this picture.

In addition, here is a self portrait in my waders with my trustfull broomstick.  The water wasn’t always as low as here. At some points the water level was 1-2cm away from flooding my waders.


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