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Ouzoud Waterfalls

The Ouzoud Waterfalls are Africa’s second tallest waterfalls with a total height of 110m.  Located about 150km from Marrakech near the Middle Atlas Mountains, they are one of the most popular day trips from Marrakech, and probably one of the most visited and photographed tourist destinations in Morocco. There can be a lot of people, specially during summer.

Smartphone Covers “Mergelgroeven”

Good news for everybody who loves underground quarries and who owns an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy SmartPhone: Currently there are 7 unique SmartPhone covers available, with pictures of the underground limestone quarries. They are available for iPhone 4,5 & 6 and Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 & S5. Estimated price is about 31€ (incl shipping), depending on your phone and location. Click here for the iPhone covers Click here for the Samsung Galaxy Covers

Ghost Bus Tunnel

Belgium has several large cities with abandoned metro tunnels that were never been used. This is one is 2.5 km long and is filled with numerous old buses and trams.  

Kasteel, Neercanne, Neerkanne, Chateau, Kanne, Limburg, België, Belgium, Belgique

Chateau Neercanne

Chateau Neercanne is a 17th century baroque styled castle on the border between Belgium and The Netherlands. The castle was build out of limestone, a popular building stone in the area hence the numerous undergrond limestone quarries. Next to the castle there is an entrance of a (small) underground limestone quarry.

Zonsondergang Oostende, België

Sunset Ostend

Another pic from the archives. This one was taken a few years ago at the belgian coast in Ostend. Here in Belgium it’s difficult to find an interesting foreground at our coastline. Rocks like these are very scarce, almost unique. For this picture I used a Cokin Gradual Tobacco filter, which explains the spectacular sky. In reality it was a very disappointing, cloudy and colorless sunset.  

Zonsopgang aan het Schulensmeer, België


As you might have noticed, my blog hasn’t been updated for a while. Last months I haven’t been able to photograph much due personal reasons. However, behind the screens I added several new images on the website. These 2 pictures were important enough for me to share and revive my blog. It were my fathers favorite pictures and hung in his office for a long time. Sadly he passed away recently after a long fight against cancer.

Fort Sint Pieter Maastricht

Fortress Sint Pieter

Fortress Sint Pieter was build in 1702. It’s located on the west side of Maastricht, The Netherlands. It was originally build to defend the city from numerous attacks from the french army. The fortress included an extended network of underground casemates and a connection to the ancient limestone quarries underneath the fortress. This wasn’t only a secret exit in case the fortress got invaded, it gave the defending soldiers also a possibility to surprise the attackers and appear behind them. […]

Startrails bij Fort Eben-Emael, België

Startrails Fortress Eben-Emael

The Fortress Eben-Emael is a fortress on the border between Belgium and The Netherlands, that was used during the second world war.  The retractable cupola’s were on my list for a long time, it was just a matter of waiting for the perfect timing. The image is composed out of +/- 100 images @ F4.5, 30sec, Iso 800.  

Sparkle Poi

Yet another fire-experiment. We created some sparkle poi by attaching burning steelwool onto a chain and spinning it fastly. There are many pictures like this on the internet, but I’ve never seen variations on spinning pattern. You always see a round circle in the middle. One of my other hobbies is “Poi Spinning” and this inspired me to experiment with different patterns. I invited Wijnand Buijs to do the spinning because he’s much better at it then I am. The […]

Fire Breathing

A few weeks ago, we had a great evening in the quarries with some people from Firetroops Maastricht. This picture is a collaboration with Wijnand Buijs who is a great fire performer and my friends Jor Neutelings and Mitch Frusch who assisted me with the illumination. It was very tricky to get a good exposure for this shot since the amount of light was very variable. We used 3 external strobes at full power. F13, 1/40 sec, Iso 200. Thanks […]

Chain of Dogs CD Release Party

Chain of Dogs released their new CD ” Burning Bridges in a World of Death” with a great party @ Oefenbunker in Landgraaf. They invited Skadika, a melodic metal band from Cologne to party with them. [pp_gallery gallery_id=”1591″] However the cd release wasn’t the only reason to celebrate. Near the end,frontman Olaf proposed to Eveline, manager of the band. She said yes !! [pp_gallery gallery_id=”1566″]

Eyes of the Underworld

About the picture: Actually I made this picture more then a year ago, but I decided to give it some better post-processing. This was photographed in an abandoned limestone quarry. The diabolo shape of the pillars is cause by the pressure from above, causing the pillars to crumble under the weight, untill they finally collaps.