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Sparkle Poi

Yet another fire-experiment. We created some sparkle poi by attaching burning steelwool onto a chain and spinning it fastly. There are many pictures like this on the internet, but I’ve never seen variations on spinning pattern. You always see a round circle in the middle. One of my other hobbies is “Poi Spinning” and this inspired me to experiment with different patterns. I invited Wijnand Buijs to do the spinning because he’s much better at it then I am. The […]

Fire Breathing

A few weeks ago, we had a great evening in the quarries with some people from Firetroops Maastricht. This picture is a collaboration with Wijnand Buijs who is a great fire performer and my friends Jor Neutelings and Mitch Frusch who assisted me with the illumination. It was very tricky to get a good exposure for this shot since the amount of light was very variable. We used 3 external strobes at full power. F13, 1/40 sec, Iso 200. Thanks […]