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Hoge Brug Maastricht

The “Hoge Brug” is a cyclist and pedestrian bridge in Maastricht, The Netherlands. The bridge was build in 200.3 and spans over the river ‘Meuse’. During the summer I photographed the bridge from almost exactly the same angle and the same light with pretty satisfying results. But I decided to make the shot again during the winter for the extra touch of the annual christmas light decorations.

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Traffic over Tower Bridge London

The Tower Bridge in London is probably the most photographed bridge and landmark in Europe. The fact it’s one of the most recognizable national icons in the world is of course the main reason, but the architecture and location are also 2 important factors to it’s success with tourists and photographers. The riverbanks of the Thames offer from all sides a clear view on the bridge resulting in numerous interesting compositions from all different angles. That’s probably also why I […]

Abdij van Averbode, België

Averbode Abbey

Averbode Abbey in Belgium is nationally known for it’s printing company, and for the ice cream alley. The baroque abbey church was build in 1672. Recently the square has been renovated and a narrow reflective pond was added, creating new photo-opportunities.  

BMW Welt in Munich

BMW World

BMW World in Munich (Germany) is the presentation en distribution centre of BMW. Being a photographer who prefers oldtimers instead of new luxurious cars, I visited this location because of the modern architecture. It was freezing whilst taking the pictures, but the snow combined with the blue hour resulted in a very interesting softer light then usual.    

Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station is a former coal-fired power station and famous landmark in London, England. The oldest parts were build in the 1930’s whilst the youngest parts date back from the 1950’s. The power station gained fame after making several cultural appearances. The most famous appearance is of course the album cover of Pink Floyd – Animals