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Abandoned underground mushroom farm

Abandoned underground mushroom farms are pretty common in Europe. It was a booming business in the 20th century and many old underground quarries or tunnels got reconverted into underground mushroom farms. After all, rent was pretty cheap since those place had no other use. Plus the dark surroundings and humid climate are excellent growing conditions for mushrooms. For more then a decade I’ve been exploring abandoned underground quarries and therefore i’ve come across many old abandoned mushroom farms, but this […]

Urbex Abandoned Prison H15

Urbex Abandoned Prison H15

This abandoned prison is known in the urbex world as Prison H15. De complex exists out of 2 seperate buildings, one for each gender. The older building was a former monastery until it got converted to a prison in the 19th century. During the years the prison complex expanded to a capacity of 1500 inmates.  In 2011 the prison closed and got abandoned. It’s surprising to see how decayed the building already is after such short time. Whilst we were […]